Our Team

Our team consists of senior professionals from the field of education and finance with a vision to make a positive contribution to the communities we serve. It is not a new thought that came to our mind suddenly but a long-term plan that has shaped the way we run the company.

The founder of our company holds an advanced degree in economics and statistics from a top business school and went on to work as a financial analyst at a top US bank. Having worked his way up to the senior level, our founder has a thorough understanding of the skills and knowledge it takes to succeed in the workplace in the US and wished to share his hard-earned knowledge with aspiring young talents who wish to pursue a career in finance in the US and other places. With this vision, our founder established the Future Connections company in 2008 to foster cultural and intellectual exchanges between the US and China. With an infusion of new capital and talents, the name of our company was changed to Princeton Education Connections in 2010 to also reflect our geographic location and strategic ties with Wall Street and the education communities in Princeton and New York area.

The Co-founder of our company holds an advanced degree in education from a top US school. She is the head of Operations and is dedicated to ensuring that all our services meet the highest standards of quality. Prior to joining our company, she worked at an international programs office serving more than 2000 international students on campus at a school in the north east region of USA; therefore, she has extensive experience in advising international students on application process, visa issues, and career planning.

Our strategic advisor to the President holds an advanced degree in education and has had 5 years of teaching experience in a top foreign language university in China. She has extensive experience at college and graduate school level in both China and USA. She has offered guidance on more than 100 student applications to leading undergraduate or graduate school in USA, such as Columbia University, New York University, Cornel University, and University of Wisconsin at Madison. She works closely with our advisory committee to develop curriculum for our programs and decide on course offerings for each program. She is also in charge of our program development and admissions services.