An Exciting Summer Camp - LEIC

         Now I am in American with some classmates. I spent many memoyable time there. We go to America to visit some very famous universities, we visited Princeton university in Princeton. The university has a long history. The buildings there are beautiful. And after teacher’s introduce. I know many famous people graduated from Princeton. I want to go to a good university like Princeton university someday. Unfortunately, the visiting of Harvard is very short. I really want to visit Harvard more carefully. And know more about the history and culture of Harvard.

          Beside visiting universities, we go to some famous sights, first day. I was really excited. And we went rafting the day before yesterday, it spent a long time. It was the first time I row a boat. It was very interesting. But I hate the spiders in the river! The one regret is that we didn’t take the roller coaster in six flags. I hope I can do it the next time I come to America.

          I think American people are friendly and the scenery there is very beautiful. I like the day I spent in America.