Best Summer Trip - LEIC

                                                       The summer camp

My trip to U.S.  these days very happy.

How to say… today is July.23. The day before yesterday we went rafting. Though we are very tired but we bet a lot of things from it.

Before the trip, we were very excited and looking forward to rafting with each other. But after we get on the boat we find that it’s not interesting at all. Too many rock in front of our ship and it’s not safe for us to crash on the rock… we have to try our best to avoid crashing on it… and it also took us a lot of energy to rafting on the still water.

Then, our six on the boat come together and we lead each other to rafting and often give others a hand when they are in trouble. Sooner, we can control our boat freely on the water. We faced many challenges and we deal with it one by one. Although some of us get injured during the trip, but finally we make it. It took us almost 7 hours in the river. We were very exhausted after the trip but however, we are very happy.

Besides that we went to 6 schools (for example some of the private middle schools may be counted in) and experienced many different cultures from different countries. And I begin to have my own dream. Will it come true? I hope so… so let’s see…

American is a very beautiful country---much better than I china have to say. Many trees are planted in the centre of the large city like NY, BOS etc. in order to protect the environment and make there city greener…

And there is something that I interesting in is the bagger in the U.S> they are multi talented and have a great deal of courage to show on the street. Though some are not as good as others they come up with many ways in order to make a living like selling their products on the subway. That also needs a lot of courage to do this…

They encouraged me a lot and I’m very admire them for their great courage to show themselves in front of many people ---though they are not rich, but their attitude toward life is much better than those who are rich.

Not many days left. I hope to spend rest of this days in happiness.

Liu HaoPeng