My Summer Camp - LEIC

                                                                  My Summer Camp

                During this days, We are happy but tired. We visited many beautiful places. When we are arrived American, I felt very hot. And I found It’s so cute and lively. I took lots of photos. But in the end, I couldn’t touch the squirrel. I was so sad.

          First, we are arrived New York. There have lots of high buildings. I thought people who in New York would feel very tired. There were so many buildings, I felt very depression. I felt the tense atmosphere of New York. Next, we went to Princeton. I very liked there. Princeton looks like countryside. I fall like it. I visited lots of universities, I like the Princeton university best. It’s very beautiful and quiet. People can sit on the grass and read books. They would fell very relaxed. Some buildings are very differently.

          Thanks for LEIC, teachers and students. I had a very happy vacation.