A Great Summer - LEIC

                                                                        My summer camp

                Once spend a time in the USA, Maybe I’ll interested in ideas to mention the U.S film and star. I will not expected to an American college to my shock.

          Domestic university study style in not good. After college students and extremely use up play and we grow old by deserting our ideas. I have to visit the United States have different university. Princeton university like a quiet forest, campus can only hear sweet birds and leaves the sound of the wind. I wear a green with the students of English learning communication, emy them very much. Columbia university people come and go, their footsteps buy but not in a carry. The dove around the students books turn around. Princeton schools and full of sunshine, the students after school go to play tennis, everywhere is relaxed atmosphere. The Wharton school students to look smart, is to discnss the team around. I am respect for these elite. Harvard university gave me a kind of brand new feeling with the quiet of Princeton, is full of youth and vigor.

          Where is the American collage of common ground? The style of study is that they are healthy, full of the breath of knowledge; the students to learn is to love; is that they are to learnt to a lot with a dream the same chance.

           Hope in the near future, I will become a member of American students!

          Pan LiNuo